We encourage everyone to come and visit the donation site, and participate in activities. Donors, volunteers and visitors are always welcomed here.

Type of donation doesn’t matter. There is a need for all types of donations whether monetary or materials such as raw materials, clothes, stationary, etc…. However it is advised to avoid donating very old or rundown materials, or anything hazardous 

We currently have 3 running programs:

Food Assistance Programme: In very short words: We buy raw materials, give to volunteers in community and they cook in temporary kitchen set up by Myanmar

Kitchen, and distribute to selected beneficiaries for a week.
Clean Water Supply Programme: Myanmar Kitchen creates clean water sources and takes water to families’ doorsteps at Underprivileged communities where they don’t have access to clean water sources.

Teach Your Community programme: Students are being taught skills and knowledge required to build their future, by volunteer teachers.

Myanmar Kitchen’s objectives are to empower communities which have been impoverished by pandemic and political turmoil in the country, to end hunger, enhance health and overcome lack of access to clean water by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

Our goal is to create a Myanmar where the deprived population have access to Free Food, Healthcare, and Clean Water.

– We had 3 objectives in mind when designed food assistance programme:

  1. Fight hunger and improve physical health of community members by providing them enough nutrition for a week
  2. Boost their mental health by giving them opportunity to get together, cook and enjoy the meal they like
  3. Give families 1 week window to save some amount of money and use it for their other immediate needs such as medical service, house repair, etc….

– Clean Water Supply programme’s objectives are:

  1. Provide 20Ltrs. of water per day per person, as per minimum quantity recommended by WHO, and Improve state of hygiene and subsequently health condition of residents of underprivileged communities
  2. Provide financial support to families by eliminating the need to buy water
  3. Create short term income for construction laborers at community

Myanmar Kitchen has been focusing on underprivileged communities in Hlaing Tharyar Township until recent days. We are currently extending our reach to communities in other townships around Yangon. Our ultimate target is to help everyone in Myanmar who struggles to get a meal.

Yes. We are ready to reach whomever is in need, anywhere in Yangon. Donors can let us know if they want us to donate to a specific community and we will do so if it meets our criteria.

We currently distribute 2,500 meals everyday, and plan to scale it up to 3,400 meals by the third week of December 2021.

Each meal currently costs us 800 ks.

Each system currently costs 3,800,000 ks. including Tube well, Foundation and timber structure, Water Storage tank, Borewell Compressor, and piping to 120 houses.

We donate food as per following plan per week:

  • Chicken: 2 days
  • Fish: 2 days
  • Eggs: 2 days
  • Vegetarian: 1 day